About T.G.A.M.


I’m writing a memoir and this blog will playfully track its progress and other miscellaneous thoughts.  So far my posts are campy and satirical.  The book itself will have some more depth but I don’t want to exhaust all my material on this blog so I’m keeping this project relatively separate.


The Great American Memoir

The Would Have Been Nice

“What I Look Like…

marty maguire

…Alice from The Brady Bunch?”
The Wood (1999)

My Bidness
Name:  Marty
Birthdate:  February <3rd
Twitter/Vine Handle:  @martymaguire
Instagram: thegreatamericanmemoir

I am far too old to be doing this.

widdle bb marty.

pregant lady
some boys want to grow up to be firemen…I wanted to be a pregnant apparently.

3 thoughts on “About T.G.A.M.

  1. Thanks for stopping by and following Being June. I like the idea of documenting your writing process – especially if they’re campy and satirical! Ima follow you back.

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